Day 1 (coconut and olive oil treatments)

So I had bought 2 real coconuts, opened them and put their milk inside a spray bottle and refrigerated it. I also bought organix coconut shampoo and conditioner with coconut oil also from organix. I also purchased olive oil (extra virgin) because of this new hair growing finominon going on on the internet.

Last night I sprayed the coconut milk everywhere in my hair and massaged it into my scalp. After that I heated up some of the olive oil in the microwave for about 15 seconds just to warm it. And I completely lathered my entire head with it. While sitting upside down for 4 minutes I messaged the oil into my scalp the entire time. After the 4 minutes I sat for exactly 2 hours just letting the oil and the milk set. After thourghy washing the oil out with the coconut shampoo and conditioner while my hair was still wet put in the coconut oil. Let your hair air dry, it’s healthier.

As I’m styling my hair, I feel a general softness to it. No signs of growth yet.

So, I’ve done so much damage to my hair that I’ve been letting in heal itself. I went from a vibrant red to a blonde blonde in a matter of a week, and then a week after that I went purple, and finally a 5 days after that I went black. Since then, In the last 5 almost 6 months I’ve only dyed my hair once. It’s grown about 3 - 4 inches in this time and has gotten back to it’s original thickness. My hair is about shoulder length and has been for this 5-6 months. I’ve trimmed and cut my hair about 2-4 inches because of all the breakage I was left with a mullet so I chopped the back off.

My hair isn’t growing back fast enough so I’ve begun this journey to try to find ways that could possibly help my hair grow.

Prior to changing my hair so quickly, I had re-dyed my hair religiously ever 2- 6 weeks with the red for about 2 and a half years. About 3 months before going blonde, I went blonde a first time with in the matter of 2 days from the red. All together my hair in a 6 month period went through maybe 10 bleaches, color correctors, 30 dyes, and not to mention the styling of straighteners and curling irons. You could say, my hair was severely damaged.

Now that it is all healthy again, I want it long so I don’t need to use clip in extensions everyday.


I’ve had a shitty dad my entire life, by my father I’ve never been told I was beautiful, never did he fight for me when I left, i was always too fat even at my smallest, I lost all respect for him at the age of 16. My dad has never been there for me and I will make sure he will not be there to disappoint his grand kids. My dad chose sex and drugs over me and my sister… And as my anger grows, so does the pain. The realization that the one man who’s supposed to be in my life to protect me and love me unconditionally, never wanted me. I was a planned moment in my moms life, in my dads I was the reason he never made anything more of himself. He never told me I wasn’t his but he did make sure to let me know I was 100% my mothers. I carry around the emptiness and abandonment of my father… A sense I will never be good enough for anyone… I could have gone a different path then I have. I’ll be 19 in May, I’ve had the same boyfriend since I was 15 and have only had sex with that 1 person. He’s completely opposite from my dad. Normally people say you look for your mother or father in a spouse, not me. I had that once and realized I deserved better. My mother installed it in me never to lower myself or be beneath who I truly was. My mother taught me morals and standards to live by. When my father met my boyfriend, he shook his hand and walked away. No interrogation, no your gonna respect my daughter, nothing. Just a simple shake. When I decide to bring a child into this world, I will make sure the father is a man, no a boy wishing he could go back. He will love honor and cherish his children because he knows they are our gift. He will dance with his daughters and be proud and present at ever event our children have. He will teach our sons how to treat honor and become a man just like his dad.


It’s official: Next Season is American Horror Story: Freak Show. 
Are you ready?


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